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Teenage Pipe Bomb Suspect Out Of Jail

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RALEIGH, N.C. — An Apex High School student charged with possessing pipe bombs was released from the Wake County Jail on Wednesday.

The judge and district attorney agreed Tuesday to release Jarrett Brown into the custody of his parents. Jarrett will wear a house arrest monitor on his ankle that sends a signal through the phone line. He will also undergo a mental evaluation later this week.

Brown must follow rules set up by the court as well as his parents.

"They'll be as tight or a lot tighter than the court has given him," Greg Brown said. "Anyone who knows Jarrett knows he will be the hardest critic on himself. I know where he got it from. He will set the hardest rules on himself."

On Aug. 10, police found six pipe bombs in Brown's car during a traffic stop. They found 18 other devices at his home. Jarrett's parents said he is just a curious boy who was building fireworks with no intention to hurt anyone.

Family and friends who gathered at the jail were overjoyed by the judge's decision.

"Of course, we want him home. It's a tremendous relief for us to have him home," said Greg Brown, Jarrett's father.

"I know it was driving him insane. He likes to be outside, have fresh air, windows," said Cassandra Mall, Jarrett's friend. "He can't sit for a long time without doing something. This is better for him to be out of jail."

Despite the leniency, prosecutors say, right now, they do not plan to reduce felony charges of possessing weapons of mass destruction.

Brown's criminal trial is scheduled to begin on Oct. 18.

Brown would be a senior at Apex High School. The school's principal has to decide when or if he can return to class.


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