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Possible Tornado Leaves Mess In Hoke County

Posted August 30, 2004 9:35 a.m. EDT

— A possible tornado near Raeford Sunday afternoon caused downed trees and some damage to homes.

Residents first reported seeing several funnel clouds. When the dark extension dropped from the sky, Michael Harris grabbed his video camera and started shooting.

"This one was looking tremendous, so after we went out there to it, we wanted to see it on the ground. So we actually got in the car and chased down Rock Fish Road hoping to get good video of it," he said.

The wind blew Sara and Shane Harris' trampoline 200 yards across the street and wrapped it around a tree.

"It looked like it sucked up some clouds and them me and my kids ran to the pantry because I knew what it was," resident Sara Harris said.

"It touched down ... came through the yard and trampolines went [one] way and chairs went everywhere -- just a lot of wind," Shane Harris said.

The storm toppled dozens of trees and took power lines with them.

Kenneth Berry and his family are busy caring for baby squirrels knocked down from their nest.

Berry is just back from a six-month deployment in Iraq.

He has a hole in his roof, and only eight days before he has to go back overseas.

"I'd rather be doing this than what I have been doing," he said. "I just want to get it cleaned up so I don't have any problems and then get back to what I've got to do."

Fourteen people spent the night at a local shelter.

No injuries were reported.