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Fayetteville Votes To Go Forth With Annexation Plan

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — The city of Fayetteville's current plan to annex 42,000 residents in Cumberland County will move forward despite a councilman's push to scale it back.

In an 8 to 1 vote Monday night, city leaders decided to stay the course on their annexation plan.

The plan to annex 42,000 residents who currently live in Cumberland County comes despite two state Supreme Court rulings that called the plan questionable and vocal opposition from the community.

Last week, Councilman Paul Williams said the battle to take over part of Cumberland County is a waste of money.

While it is still unclear how the city will pursue its plan, many people living in the proposed annexed area remain opposed to annexation and are tired of being in legal limbo.

"It's causing problems with who's going to pick up the trash and who's going to do what in this community," resident Sheree Robinson said.

Charlene Guess, a resident of the county for 27 years, says annexation will force her to move.

"We moved here for the peace and quiet," she said. "Most likely, I will have to leave because of the extra taxes."

As the city considers its next move, there is no shortage of suggestions. One man presented computer-generated maps to make the case that annexation does not have to happen at once.

There is strong support for annexation among city leaders, who think annexation is a chance to expand the city's revenue base and a chance to offer city services to people currently living in the county.

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