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Burr Remains Optimistic In Spite Of Trailing Numbers

Posted August 23, 2004 7:56 a.m. EDT

— Candidates have less than three months to make their case with voters.

In the United States Senate race, just getting voters to know the candidates could be the difference between a close race and a landslide.

In the most recent

Mason Dixon

poll done for WRAL, Democrat Erskine Bowles had a 10-point advantage over Richard Burr. But there are enough undecided voters to make this race close.

Monday, Burr hit the campaign trail. His target was voters on the Interstate 85 corridor who could decide this race.

Burr seemed as confident as ever as he campaigned in Durham, a city that usually goes with Democrats.

He said his campaign is not giving up on traditional Democratic strongholds, "reaching out to people that don't typically vote Republican.

"There's plenty of time to hold the rallies," he said, "and we'll do that in October as we get people excited and get momentum going for election day."

Burr disagreed that time is running out. He does not expect the race to heat up until after Labor Day.

And, yes, he expects help from President George W. Bush.

"Well, I think the president will be here several times between now and election day," he said. "But clearly, I know that I have to win this on my own. I'm prepared to do that, and I think we've put together a campaign strategy that will accomplish that."

Bowles, meanwhile, spent the day campaigning in the state's mountains.