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Man Charged In Hit-And-Run Claims Victim Tried To Rob Him

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RALEIGH, N.C. — On. Aug. 13, 19-year-old Latasha Arrington fell or was pushed out of a moving car and died. While police search for a second man who may know something about her death, a mother waits in agony, wondering if her daughter was murdered.

Etta Morgan has cried a river of tears since her daughter died.

"She was my best friend. She was my daughter," she said. "I want to know, 'Did she say anything? What were her last words? Did she cry out for her life?' I keep having dreams of her crying."

Jeffrey Price, the driver of the car, is charged with hit-and-run in Arrington's death. Police are looking for a third person who may have been in the car.

"The information that we have is that the person we arrested in this case picked up a male subject, along with our victim just prior to the accident. At this time, we don't know who this person is," said Sgt. Clem Perry of the Raleigh Police Department.

Witnesses said Arrington fell out of the car. Police do not know whether she jumped or was pushed, but Price claims there was another man in the car. He said the man and Arrington robbed him and jumped out of the moving vehicle.

"My daughter would not have been jumping out of a car. She wouldn't have gotten herself in a situation like that," Morgan said.

Morgan believes her daughter was pushed. Although Arrington had a criminal record, Morgan does not think she was involved in robbing Price.

"I really, heart of hearts, don't believe that one," she said.

Losing a child is hard enough. Morgan said she just wants to know why it happened.

"I wouldn't hate them. I don't want anybody's blood on my hands. I just want the truth, even if the truth is ugly. I just want to know the truth," she said.

Morgan also believes her daughter may have been beaten prior to falling out of the car, but the medical examiner's report concludes that Arrington died as a result of hitting the pavement. Investigators said she had no other injuries.


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