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New Addressing System In Warren County Causes Problems

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WARRENTON, N.C. — Warren County's new E-911 addressing system was designed to give each resident a single address. But so far, it has caused problems with the mail, election registration and school bus routes.

Under the new E-911 system, each address on a road is assigned an individual number replacing the old rural route address.

Marcus Johnston, who designed the E-911 database, said the new system is not complicated, but some people are slow to change their addresses.

"Just people that didn't think it would make a great bit of difference if they didn't do it as fast as they did it," he said. "Now, we are finding out that it does make a big difference if you go ahead and do it."

The county points out it is the property owners' responsibility to update their addresses, especially with the Division of Motor Vehicles. Nonpayment of vehicle taxes can keep them from getting their license tags renewed.

"You need to contact us and we'll fill out a form and copy it to DMV, and if you are about to renew now, you need to make sure that you give DMV your correct new address," Warren County finance director Susan Brown said.

Warren County residents have had nearly a year to update their E-911 addresses, including tax listings and voter registrations.


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