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Missing Cumberland County Family May Be Living In Alabama

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — For years, Jennifer Hughes, Robbie Floyd and Floyd's three children were reported missing. Relatives in Alabama said they have been looking ever since, but there may be a break in the case.

Sgt. Michael Hohan, of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, believes the five are actually living in Alabama. He has discovered that since 1999, Robbie Floyd's Social Security number has been used at two different rural addresses with three different versions of her name.

The addresses are in Sylacauga, Ala., about 20 miles from where her family lives in Goodwater. Hohan also said he has found six people who have seen or talked to those missing.

"One of the ex-husbands had contact with his daughter two years ago after she allegedly disappeared and was asking why he wasn't forwarding her SSI checks to her," he said.

Hohan believes Floyd may be involved in welfare fraud. The day she disappeared, investigators tried to serve a summons on her for worthless checks.

Robbie Floyd's landlord in Cumberland County told investigators he saw Floyd and the kids moving out. The landlord claims Floyd's mother and stepfather helped them move. Detectives said Floyd's mother has never been cooperative.

Sue Hamilton, Floyd's aunt in Sylacauga, discounts the detective's findings.

"I don't see it as evidence. I wish I would see it as more positive," she said. "They have no reason to hide from us. We've never done anything to them. We've always been family."

The sheriff's office in Cumberland County is so confident that the missing family is alive, officials closed the case and handed information over to the Alabama Bureau of Investigations.

Agents in Alabama said they have pursued leads, but they found no evidence the family is living there. Their investigation is still active.



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