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Recent Rain Provides Breeding Ground For Mosquitoes

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HENDERSON, N.C. — Too much rain can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, but a few simple steps can keep mosquito reproduction to a minimum.

"We need to be cautious and careful to make sure we don't have any more standing water around than we have to," Vance County health director Roddy Drake said.

Ralph Turrentine knows how dangerous mosquitoes can be. The Henderson resident was diagnosed with West Nile virus two years ago.

"All I know is I had a little, dizzy spell, weak and stumbled a little bit," he said.

Health officials said mosquitoes are most active in late afternoon and early morning. For maximum protection, experts suggest wearing a long-sleeve shirt and long pants. Plus, they suggest using repellants containing DEET.

If you want the best repellant,

Consumer Reports

actually tested them to find the best one.

Testers treated their arms with a number of different brands and put them inside a glass box holding 200 mosquitoes.

Top ratings went to 3M's Ultrathon repellant. It kept mosquitoes away for 13 hours and ticks away for 10 hours. Ultrathon is 33 percent DEET and as effective as some 100-percent DEET repellents.

West Nile virus is not only a risk to people. Mosquitoes can infect livestock and wildlife as well.


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