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Businessman Asks For Tree's Removal From Crabtree Creek

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A Raleigh businessman wants the city to remove a large tree that blocks a creek that routinely floods.

Workers at Basil Yankoglu's hair salon are packing equipment as they wait to see whether Crabtree Creek will spill its banks.

"I've been through several floods in this area," he said. "During Fran, the creek was full of debris and trees. We had about eight inches of rain during Fran, and we had two feet of water in the business."

Yankoglu wants the city of Raleigh to get a particular tree out of the creek. The city's Parks and Recreation Department just finished building a greenway right beside the creek. To do it, Yankoglu said the city intentionally cut down the tree and let it fall into Crabtree Creek.

"This is negligible. This was a city mistake," Yankoglu said.

Vic Lebsock, Raleigh's greenway planner, said he thinks the tree fell naturally even though it looks like it was cut.

"If it has, I'm not aware of that. I'm sorry I'm just not aware of that," he said.

The city took pictures of the tree Friday, but crews did not remove it.

"We are focusing on the tree. Unfortunately, today is not the day we can do it. We have lots and lots of priorities we have to take care of," Lebsock said.

Lebsock said even if the area floods, it will not be because of the tree.

"Flooding has been historically significant in that area of the city. In fact, most of it is in the floodplain," he said.

Lebsock said when the city gets around to it, workers will likely cut the tree into small pieces and let them float away. Yankoglu thinks the tree ought to be totally removed.


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