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Warren Auctioneer Has World On Tip Of His Tongue

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WARREN COUNTY, N.C. — Two big tobacco warehouses are being auctioned this weekend in Wilson. While most prospective buyers will be checking out the buildings and items for sale, one of the auctioneers is an interesting study himself.

There is a rhythm to E.B. Harris' life.

"It's just like the four seasons. It's a cycle, a continuous cycle," he said. "I wouldn't trade any place on earth other than where I am right now."

Harris was raised on cattle and common sense.

"If you love what you do in life, the rest of it will come together," he said.

Harris is a careful thinker and sometimes a fast talker. For 30 years, he has been an auctioneer. He is caught up in the life, working the family farm as generations before him did. This is where he will forever be at peace.

"If the grass needs mowing, an old cow can come in here and mow it, or it needs fertilizing, she can come in here and fertilize it," he said.

Harris said he likes to work his farm from "sun until done," and always looks a man straight in the eye and gives him a firm handshake.


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