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Harnett Community Assessing Damage From Tornado

Posted August 13, 2004 12:20 p.m. EDT

— The National Weather Service sent a crew to western Harnett County Friday to assess damage. Officials were able to confirm that a tornado struck the area.

A storm moving ahead of Bonnie blazed a trail of destruction through Heritage Village, located in Spout Springs, near Cameron.

At least three structures are considered total losses and an estimated 35 homes were damaged. Two commercial buildings -- Spout Springs Presbyterian Church and a senior citizens center -- were also damaged. No one was in either building at the time.

Local and emergency management officials say damage numbers are likely to be higher as they continue assessing damage Friday.

"There was a massive explosion and then the house was gone," Spout Springs resident Cassie Shannon said.

Shannon lives next to a home on Marks Road that was leveled.

"If you look at the path in our back yard, you will see where it skipped over our back yard. We are lucky," she said.

Hundreds of military families live in this community. They never thought their neighborhood would look like a war zone.

"I was in Iraq for a year and this is the scariest moment in my life when I saw that," said resident Joseph Broullard.

"I can't believe right next door to me the whole house is gone, nothing left, never seen anything like that ever."

Three people were injured as a result of the storm.

There are reports of power problems in the area. A shelter was set up at Highland Elementary School.

In Rockingham County, two mobile homes north of Reidsville were ripped apart by another presumed tornado.

In Robeson County, an oak tree fall onto a white, clapboard rural church near Maxton.


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