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Rape Suspect Re-Arrested In Granville County

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OXFORD, N.C. — A man with a violent past is back in custody after escaping from Oxford police on Sunday.

Police say Jerome Gregory was found under a couch in an apartment in Oxford Monday night. His bond is set at $505,000.

Police say Gregory kidnapped and raped a woman living in the Hillside neighborhood on Thursday.

"He hit her in the back, forced her into the truck and drove her to a secluded place where he assaulted her and beat her up," said Capt. Bob Williamson of the Oxford Police Department.

Police arrested Gregory on Sunday, but he managed to escape while at the magistrate's office.

"At the time they put handcuffs in front for fingerprinting. When the officer turned around, he pushed her and escaped through an open door," Williamson said.

Gregory was arrested last fall for raping another woman. After spending nearly a year behind bars, he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and was released from jail less than a month ago.

The 24-year-old has six other convictions dating back to 1997. Police say even with handcuffs on, Gregory is considered dangerous.

"When someone is on the run like this, you never know what they'll do," Williamson said.

Police followed up on several tips and sightings with no luck. They worry if they do not get Gregory behind bars soon, he may strike again.

Sunday's escape is the first from the Granville County jail in almost seven years. In late August 1997, a drug suspect escaped, but was later caught.


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