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Raleigh Rocks With Promotional Music Video

Raleigh has a new theme song and music video promoting the city's new convention center.

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Raleigh has a new theme song and music video.

It's a promotional video for the city's new convention center.

Laurie Okun is a sales director, Michelle Boyette is an event manager. They're with the Raleigh Convention Center.

A song that Okun wrote and Boyette performed is a new music video promoting the Raleigh region as a convention destination.

“I got the visuals on paper,” Okun said.

“I am pleased. I like it. I think it's catchy,” said singer Boyette.

It’s called, “Shine, Raleigh, Shine.” A promotional tag line at the convention center, "You shine here," triggered an idea, and Okun jotted some lyrics.

“I just turned over a little bitty melody and some lyrics and said, ‘Michelle, go with it.’”

“As you walk the walk through that Raleigh town, you feel it is your soul,” the lyrics say.

“I hope it captures our passion,” Okun said.

“Yeah, I think it kind of, you know, wakes them up! You know, it's a hip song,” Boyette said.

Of course, if the video rocks, business might roll.

“The story of the video is literally, I think, the story of a city coming to life,” Okun, the writer, said.

The music video is already being presented to potential convention-center customers. In fact, it recently helped Raleigh beat out two other cities vying for the same client.