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After Experiencing Isabel, North Harlowe Glad To Avoid Alex's Fury

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NORTH HARLOWE, N.C. — People who live in North Harlowe are breathing a sigh of relief after hurricane Alex came and went Tuesday.

A year ago, hurricane Isabel destroyed more than 80 homes in North Harlowe in Craven County. This time, Alex spared them.

But many residents already have their eyes on the next storm.

Pounding waves and howling wind are all too familiar to the people in this community. Danny Walsh spent Tuesday afternoon picking up pieces of the dock he just rebuilt.

"It's obviously very frustrating," he said. "But I guess this is all part of living close to the water."

Last year, Isabel destroyed Walsh's original dock and flooded his home. He still is living in a temporary mobile home.

For some neighbors, Tuesday's choppy waves and dark skies brought back bad memories of the last hurricane.

"It was just devastating," he said. "The water was up to our chest. We had the kids in life jackets trying to get out."

Hurricane Isabel severely damaged more than 100 homes in this community. For some people, the only thing left was their foundation.

Alex was much kinder. But those who are still rebuilding simply do not want to experience another storm.

"This one was a little bit scary," Walsh said. "But I'm even worried about what's to come. They tell us there's nother one churning up.

"I was lucky enough to have insurance this time around. We're just very concerned about what lies ahead this summer."


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