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Foul Play Suspected In Deaths Of Cary Ducks

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CARY, N.C. — When you hear about animal cruelty, a pond of peaceful ducks is not what usually comes to mind. In Cary, animal control officers says someone is poisoning them on purpose.

Some people who live and work near a Cary pond enjoy the domestic ducks, Canada geese and mallards that swim and walk the grounds near Cary Parkway and Kildaire Farm Raods.

"I love them. I've never worked in a place where there's this number. It's like going to the zoo or to Disney World," Keith Hudson said.

"I love coming out here and feeding them every weekend," Beth Hartley said.

Someone who does not have such affection for the fowl, may have been involved in some foul play. As many as 50 birds were poisoned in the last few months.

"There's a big part of me that feels somebody is deliberately doing it just because it happened two times too close together," Cary animal control officer Shelly Davis said.

Davis says tests on three carcasses show the ducks were poisoned with the same substance. She will not say what substance was used because she does not want anyone else to use it on the birds.

"They don't deserve for someone to be possibly throwing out [poisoned] food and they're expecting to be fed and wanting to be fed and thinking this is something good for them," Davis said.

Many people do not like the waste the birds leave behind.

Davis says maybe bird lovers should not feed the fowl.

"By doing that, it's enticing the birds to stick around closely and hang out at that particular house when neighbors on the other side may not enjoy the birds," Davis said.

Cary animal control does not known who is responsible for the poisonings. Officers passed out fliers in the neighborhood hoping for leads.


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