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Residents Concerned Over Increase In Accidents On Highway 87

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BROADWAY, N.C. — Since the start of July, authorities have seen seven accidents on Highway 87. The most recent accident involved a dump truck that ran into Peggy's Seafood Restaurant,

killing one person


Amy Barker, who works at a business along the roadway, said she was not surprised to hear about the recent accident.

"They drive too fast, way too fast on this road," she said.

Some claim the problems with Highway 87 are caused by the wide roadway and high speed limit. They also said drivers are pulling on and off from hard-to-see roads and driveways.

"You have so many factors coming at you from different angles," said Sgt. A.A. Haswell, of the state Highway Patrol.

"You pull out of someplace, and you have to go slow to go out. But, they are coming 55, 60, 70 (mph) behind you. It can be serious," Barker said.

The speed limit on the road is 55 mph.


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