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Oh, Baby! Kenly Couple Gets Surprise Special Delivery

Posted July 23, 2004 5:21 a.m. EDT

— Most pregnant women have months to prepare for the birth of a baby.

One new mother in Johnston County did not get a chance to shop, decorate a nursery or take Lamaze classes. Instead, Lynn Wilson gave birth one day after finding out she was pregnant.

Three-week-old Brianna is a quiet and peaceful baby -- a little too quiet if you ask her parents.

Lynn Wilson did not even know she was pregnant when she went to Johnston Memorial Hospital feeling sick.

"I didn't have morning sickness. She didn't move all that much. She didn't kick or anything, hardly," Wilson said.

"[Lynn] being pregnant wasn't as surprising as being nine months pregnant," Brian Wilson said. "We needed to call some people [since] they said we might be having the baby tonight. She came the next morning."

Since Brianna arrived unexpectedly, the Wilsons had to work fast to get everything they needed for their baby.

"We had the baby shower in the hospital and family members brought stuff. What we have now is what family and friends brought us in the hospital," Lynn Wilson said.

The Wilsons consider Brianna a miracle, especially since they had been trying to get pregnant and did not think it was possible.

"I have ovarian cysts and my cervix is tilted. I have irregular periods. They gave me a 10 percent chance of ever having a baby," Lynn Wilson said.

Now, the couple has the baby of whom they have been dreaming and a renewed belief that miracles do happen.

"It's like a dream come true. I've never been this happy," the new father said.