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Voters' Voice: Bowles Holds Lead In U.S. Senate Race

Posted July 22, 2004 8:03 a.m. EDT

— In November, North Carolina voters will vote for a new U.S. senator -- the seat John Edwards now holds. Erskine Bowles and Richard Burr will face off for the job in November.

A WRAL Voters' Voice poll shows how the candidates would fare if the election were held today.

The latest survey of likely North Carolina voters gives Bowles the lead. The Democrat has a 46 to 37 percent edge over Republican Richard Burr.

"I really have tried to focus on what we can do to really get this nation moving forward again. I think that's what people really want to hear," Bowles said.

"We're going to give him a good race and I'm not sure I've started on the momentum side," said Burr. "We're putting together a grassroots organization that won't be matched by anybody in the history of North Carolina."

Of those polled, 47 percent have a favorable opinion of Bowles and 42 percent have a favorable opinion of Burr. More than 20 percent of those polled had no opinion of either candidate.

In the next few months, the candidates will be spending a lot of money to make sure that changes.

"Both sides think they have a very good chance of winning this race. Millions, tens of millions of dollars will be spent in this race. There are two very strong, credible candidates," said Rob Christensen, a political reporter for the

News and Observer


Burr lives in Winston-Salem and has been a congressman since 1995. Bowles served in the Clinton administration and ran for the Senate seat Elizabeth Dole now holds.


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