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Wake Courts Have Banner Year In Collecting Money

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The Wake County court system had a banner year in terms of collecting money.

The Clerk of Court's Office took in $128 million in 2003-2004. Clerk of Superior Court Jan Pueschel said she reorganized her personnel in the finance department and made collecting money a priority.

"My staff, I think for the first time, feel really, really good that they're not starting a brand-new fiscal year feeling like they dug themselves in deeper," Pueschel said.

Some of the money comes from previously untapped sources. By law, the court system is supposed to collect money from every inmate who comes through, but that was not happening until the clerk of court and sheriff's office got together. Now, they are collecting $5 a day from every inmate who had not been convicted and $18 a day from every inmate who is convicted.

The money also comes from filing fees, fines and restitution. Much of it will go to victims, but some stays in the county. This year, Wake County gets $6 million. That money goes to schools and other projects.


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