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Twins Arrested For Raleigh Woman's Murder Have Prior Criminal Records

Posted July 15, 2004 4:51 a.m. EDT

— Authorities have arrested the second suspect in the July 3 shooting of a woman in a bank parking lot. The suspects, who are twin brothers, have a long history with Raleigh police.

Raleigh police arrested Lamont Carter Wednesday night and charged him with the murder of Shaudria Barfield. Last week, police charged Carter's twin brother, Larry, with the same crime.

A jogger found Barfield shot twice in the head behind the wheel of her car that was running in a bank parking lot on July 3.

It is not the first time the twins have been in trouble with the law. Larry Carter was in a shootout with police back in 1993 when he was just 15 years old.

At the time, Larry Carter shot Sgt. Steve Price. Police returned fire, hitting Carter. As a result, he spent eight years in prison. Lamont Carter has been arrested in Wake County 29 times on 58 criminal charges, all since 1993.

Investigators have been tight-lipped about a motive in the crime, but they said Barfield and Larry Carter had a romantic relationship.

Barfield had a restraining order against Carter, which she was in the process of getting lifted when she was killed. Police said the killing was not the result of domestic violence.

"This is very unusual. Nothing comes to mind in recent memory involving two twin brothers," Perry said.

The brothers have asked for court-appointed attorneys. If convicted of Barfield's murder, each could face the death penalty.