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Vinroot Hopes Experience Leads Him To Governor's Mansion

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Among the six Republicans in the race for governor,

Richard Vinroot

is leading the pack in the polls. He believes it is because of his experience as a two-term mayor of Charlotte.

"I've actually done the things I'm talking about," he said. "The others can talk about what they want to do, but they've not led a big government to downsize. They've not led a big government to create, in my case, 30,000 new jobs over four years."

Just like in Charlotte, creating jobs would be one of Vinroot's priorities if elected governor.

"My priorities are to eliminate those costly taxes and reduce the corporate rate dramatically," he said. "Eliminate corporate taxes on manufacturing and do things necessary to make our government do the things that are priorities like building good roads, pay teachers, good teachers, a lot of money."

Vinroot wants the state to refund a $190 million budget surplus to taxpayers. He is using bumper stickers to spread his message.

"I'm arguing basically that the first priority ought to be to give back to our families in North Carolina the hard-earned money they paid too much of to the state to the tune of $190 million," he said. "It's their money. Give it back to then," he said.

Vinroot said he knows everyone likes a refund, and he pushes that message when he talks to crowds.

Vinroot has been with the same law firm for 34 years and is now a senior partner. After two failed attempts to become governor, Vinroot hopes the third time will be the charm.


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