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Kerry, Edwards Rally Planned For Saturday

Posted July 9, 2004 6:24 a.m. EDT

— Sen. John Kerry and Sen. John Edwards will bring their presidential campaign to Raleigh this weekend.

The Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates will hold a rally Saturday at 4:30 p.m. at the Court of North Carolina on the campus of North Carolina State University near the Bell Tower.

Gates open at 1 p.m. Parking is available in the campus garages and lots. Around 3 p.m., Kerry and Edwards are scheduled to arrive at RDU International.

Free tickets to the rally in Raleigh are available on the North Carolina Democratic Party's

Web site

. Tickets also are available at several

distribution centers

across the state.

Meanwhile, President George W. Bush was campaigning in Pennsylvania on Friday, touring small towns in the central part of the state -- a heavily Republican area. It was the President's 30th trip to Pennsylvania, a state he clearly wants to win in this election.

Bush lost to Al Gore in Pennsylvania 2000. Democrats have won Pennsylvania in the last three presidential elections.

The latest polls show Bush tied with Kerry.

As Bush campaigned, Vice President Dick Cheney spoke with WRAL from campaign headquarters in Virginia. He talked with David Crabtree about a variety of issues, including Iraq, his health and his opponent for Vice President, Sen. John Edwards.

When asked how he stacked up against Edwards, Cheney said: "I think that may be a factor for some voters, but the race turns primarily on the President and his challenger.

"I don't think there are many people who go to the polls for a presidential candidate," Cheney said.

Kerry and Edwards are both scheduled to attend a church service in Raleigh on Sunday. The location has not yet been announced.

Those interested can watch live coverage of the rally on the

WRAL NewsChannel

on digital cable channel 256 or digital channel 5.2.

Bush was in Raleigh Wednesday

to attend a fundraising event for the

North Carolina Republican Party


Friday, Bush launched his first major campaign advertising effort in nearly three weeks. It will include his first foray onto North Carolina's airwaves to defend traditional GOP turf.

Bush will head to Ohio on Saturday.

To handle the crowd Saturday for the Democratic rally, police will funnel Kerry/Edwards supporters from Pullen Road onto Cates Avenue at N.C. State. Parking will be available near Reynolds Coliseum and in the Dan Allen deck.

For security reasons, there are several things supporters are asked not to bring:

  • Do not bring signs. They will be furnished.
  • Do not bring umbrellas or chairs.
  • You can bring food and water, but coolers are not allowed. Food and water also will be sold.