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President Helps Boost Sales At Local Lemonade Stand

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Bush Visits Local Lemonade Stand
RALEIGH, N.C. — President George W. Bush made an unscheduled stop Wednesday on his way back to the airport after attending a fundraiser in Raleigh.

A lemonade stand and two little girls brought the motorcade to a halt.

It was a perfect photo opportunity for Bush -- stopping to buy lemonade on a sizzling summer afternoon and giving two young entrepreneurs a day they never will forget.

"I was thinking: 'Who else has served the President lemonade?'" said Anna Lehto, co-owner of the stand.

Lehto and Heather Dew are rookies in the lemonade business. In fact, Wednesday was their grand opening and Bush their third customer.

The girls said they did not think anyone would stop by their stand because the road next to the home is busy, and cars speed by. But, just in the nick of time, the President's motorcade appeared.

"And then the President stopped," Dew said. "And some people bought lemonade, but not everyone, and people took pictures and stuff."

Said Lehto: "I was thinking: 'How am I going to keep from passing out?'"

Neighbor Slyvia Richards caught the whole moment on tape.

"He tries to slip them a $10 bill," Richards said of Bush. "That's pretty good for lemonade."

Said Dew: "I tried not to take it, but he gave it to me, anyway."

And, like any start-up business, the girls plan to frame the $10 bill.

They are even keeping the cup the President drank out of.


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