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Protesters Gather To Voice Opposition Toward Bush

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Demonstrators in Raleigh voiced their opposition to the Bush administration and the war in Iraq Wednesday.

About 200 people gathered in Moore Square, calling their rally "Bush's Early Retirement Party."

President George W. Bush was in Raleigh earlier in the day to attend a lunch fund-raiser for the Republican party.

As Bush arrived at the $25,000-a-plate luncheon, demonstrators gathered along Six Forks and Durant roads.

"It boils down to the unjust war that Bush is waging," said one protester.

Alice Leach says she was a Republican all of her life until two months ago.

"I was ashamed, Yes, I was, because it felt like Republicans loved their party more than their country. They were afraid to question this war," she said.

"I do believe we need a new administration. Anything is better than the one we have now," said another protestor who held a sign saying, 'You paid $25,000 to be lied to.'

At one point, around 75 to 100 protesters were at the scene.


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