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Critics Argue Goldsboro High Not Getting Enough Funding

Posted July 2, 2004 5:08 a.m. EDT

— Goldsboro High School has had problems with failing test scores. The school is eligible for federal Title One money that might help with some of the challenges it faces. Last year, the school system received the money and channeled it to schools across Wayne County, but not to Goldsboro High.

"We're not so much concerned about those that are going to Yale. We're concerned about those that are headed to jail," said the Rev. William Barber.

"It's not getting Title One funds, which is money that's made available by the federal government just for schools like Goldsboro High School," parent Charles Wright said.

The school system said it has prioritized the needs, putting the federal dollars toward programs in the lower grades.

"The earlier you can provide intervention for students, the more benefit you have for your dollars," said Willette Wooten, of Wayne County Public Schools.

Two years ago, Goldsboro High School received $240,000 in Title One funding two years ago. Last year, the school did not receive any funding.

"These kids don't need anything taken from them," Barker said.

However, school officials countered, saying nothing is being taken from the students.

"The commitment is there for all children," Wooten said.

The school system said it is rare for high schools to receive Title One funding even if they are eligible for it. However, some parents do not agree with the assessment of school officials. They said they may file suit against the school board.