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Raleigh Police Chief Contacts Family of Dog Shot by Officer

Raleigh's police chief has talked with the owners of a dog shot by an officer on Christmas.

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Raleigh's police chief personally called the family of the dog shot by a police officer.

Chief Jane Perlov told the family about the procedure for filing for city reimbursement for the veterinary costs.

On Christmas, Officer R.A. Smith shot Truman, a chocolate Labrador, in the head while responding to a call about a dog bite. Smith claims the dog went after him.

Truman's owner said the dog was tied to the front porch. Truman survived the shooting, but has a ruptured eardrum.

Smith remains on normal duty while the incident is being investigated by the police's Internal Affairs Department.

Perlov has also talked personally with the officer involved, Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

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