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Protesters Upset Over Pro-Choice Politicians Receiving Communion

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RALEIGH, N.C. — There was a small protest in downtown Raleigh against Gov. Mike Easley and his stance of abortion.

A handful of protestors stood outside Raleigh's Sacred Heart Cathedral. They joined a national debate in Catholic communities on whether pro-choice politicians should be allowed to get communion.

Presidential candidate John Kerry is the focus of the attacks, but Wednesday's protest also pointed fingers at the governor.

"You have to recognize the law in this country is Roe v. Wade and officials have no choice but to enforce that law," Easley said.

"There are certain politicians who say they are pro-abortion and they are Catholic -- which is contrary to the church teaching," protester Madonna Farrell said.

The Raleigh Diocese is not commenting about the issue. The local bishop is at a conference in Colorado to discuss the issue with other church leaders.

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