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Police Work To Slow Pace Of Traffic In Clayton

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Clayton Traffic
CLAYTON, N.C. — Officials claim more cars travel U.S. Highway 70 in Clayton per day than Interstate 95 in Selma, and police are starting to crack down.

Clayton police have a four-unit traffic enforcement patrol to handle the violators on the road.

"[It] makes it worse because as thick as traffic is, they cut off people and cause a lot of accidents, trying to weave and bob their way through traffic," Sgt. Jon Gerrell, of the Clayton Police Department.

Business owner Tom Bagley has seen many wrecks from his Highway 70 transmission shop, including a 2002 crash where a speeding tractor trailer slammed into a car seriously injuring four people. He said police need to slow the flow through Clayton.

"They come around this curve just a flyin', just having a big time," he said.

Thanks to a grant from the governor's Highway Safety program, the police cruisers have dual antenna radar -- one unit points out the front while another unit points out the back.

Officers say they write about 5,000 traffic citations per year, or roughly 15 per day.


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