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Six Halifax County Inmates Isolated Due To Staph Infection

Posted June 4, 2004 2:12 a.m. EDT

— Six inmates at the Halifax County jail are separated from the rest of the jail population after developing boils on their skin.

The boils are contagious and threatened to infect the jail population of 110 inmates and the jailers.

"The doctor lanced one and and sent it off for a culture and found out it was some type of bacteria skin disease," Sheriff Jeff Frazier said.

Frazier said doctors developed an antibiotic to treat the staph infection and to prevent its spread.

The inmates are being kept in isolation cells designed for cases requiring isolation from the rest of the prison population.

"Whether it's medical or whatever, we have to deal with people every day. That's what the doctor recommended doing and that's what you do," he said.

Frazier ordered his staff and the entire prison population to be treated as a precaution. He said there is no risk to the public visiting the courthouse.

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