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Teen girls claim three men raped them at Holly Springs home

Posted May 24, 2012 4:16 p.m. EDT
Updated May 24, 2012 6:26 p.m. EDT

— The Wake County Sheriff's Office is investigating claims by two teenage girls that they were raped after a group of men gave them alcohol at a Holly Springs home Saturday night.

The mother of one of the girls said her 17-year-old daughter and two girlfriends met three men at McDonald’s on Western Boulevard in Raleigh. The group then decided to leave and drove in separate cars to the Holly Springs home of one of the men.

It was there, the mother said, that the men, all of whom appeared to be about 21 years old, gave the girls a fruit-flavored malt beverage with 12 percent alcohol.

“This made them so drunk so quickly that they were in no condition to run, to fight,” the mother said, adding that her daughter felt sick and locked herself in the bathroom. “The owner of the house had a gun and threatened to shoot if she wouldn’t unlock the door.”

The girl passed out after leaving the bathroom, according to her mother, and awoke to find one of the men raping her.

“She (told the man), ‘I’m a good girl. Don’t do this. Please don’t do this. Stop.’ But he went and forced himself anyway,” the mother said.

All three men then raped one of the other girls, who is 18, according to the mother. The third girl, who is 19, willingly had sex with one of the men, the mother said.

“(My daughter’s) life has changed. My baby will never be the same again,” the mother said. “I can only pray that God works on her heart and that, one day, we can forgive this scum.”

The case has been made more difficult, according to the mother, because the girls drove away from the house the next morning and don’t remember where it is. They also didn’t report the rape until several days later.

Wake County deputies confirmed Thursday that they are investigating the case but declined to release more details.