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Unfinished Tree Removal Stands In Way Of Homeowner's Yard

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WAKE COUNTY, N.C. — A new house is sometimes like a work in progress. You have to visualize what the yard and house will look like after a little work.

As a Wake County woman experienced, it is hard to visualize your landscaping when you can only see half of your yard.

Jamie Miller had hopes for beautiful flowers and green grass, but a large tree got in the way.In February, Miller paid The Ole Tree Cutter Tree Services $525 to remove five trees.

Owner Wayne Privette, who also goes by Billy, started on one tree, but when his chain saw blade broke twice, he left and did not come back, according to Miller.

A week later, Miller called Privette. He promised he would finish the job. By mid-March, it still was not done.

"He was unresponsive and apparently unable to complete the job because I've called repeatedly. He made commitments and never, never completed the job," she said.

Miller says all she got was excuses.

"First, one was one of his guys got sick. Second, one was one of his guys had emergency. Another one was that he broke his wrist. Another one was that his grandmother died," she said.

Miller called Five On Your Side.

Privette admits he "didn't finish the job," but claimed he already sent Miller a refund.

Miller says she did not get the money. Privette says he does not know what happened to it, but promised to take the money to Miller personally.

"Oh, I'm going to dance a jig. It's going to be really nice to have -- to be able to actually cut all this mess. Oh, I'll be excited. It'll be nice," she said.

Miller might have to hold off on the excitement.

Privette missed three appointments where he promised to deliver the refund. A family member claims Privette is in jail on unrelated charges, but the relative promises to get Miller her money.

So far Privette has paid Miller $100.


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