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Elizabeth Dole Gets Involved In Burr's Senate Campaign

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Dole Burr
RALEIGH, N.C. — U.S. Senate candidate Richard Burr is getting his organizational chart across the state in place. He has enlisted the help of North Carolina Sen. Elizabeth Dole as his campaign chairwoman.

Dole said she wants to help Burr with his campaign.

"[To] ensure that I have time to give to Richard as he sees needs that come up -- whether it be an advocacy role, speaking, fund-raising. In any way, I'll be there for him," Dole said.

The announcement came Friday as the Burr campaign tries to get organized statewide.

"We're prepared over the next few weeks to lay out the organizational chart across this state to show, not just the media, but the people of North Carolina that we're prepared to run a campaign in every county, in every town in all the counties in North Carolina," Burr said.

Democratic challenger Erskine Bowles is also working on visiting every county. He is also hitting a large audience with TV ads that rolled out earlier this week.

Results of a WRAL

Mason-Dixon Poll

show statewide, 45 percent of likely voters currently support Bowles, while 35 percent back Burr. Twenty percent remain undecided.


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