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Case Of Missing Rock Proves Puzzling

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SMITHFIELD, N.C. — Smithfield police are investigating a strange case of stolen property.

Someone took a 4,000 pound rock from the front yard of a retired chiropractor's office building.

"It had to be a couple of people, and they had to have heavy equipment," Dr. Harold Underwood said Wednesday.

Underwood said it is not just any rock that was taken. Not only does it weigh about two tons, it's part of Underwood's family, in a way. He had the rock moved here from his family's farm 40 years ago as he started his practice on the corner of Brightleaf Boulevard and North Street.

The doctor was planning to move the rock from the busy corner to the front yard of his home. He said it is the perfect memento from his life's work.

"I had many, many, many people make mention of the large rock in front of my office," Underwood said.

The office building has been sitting empty since Underwood retired two years ago. Last week, he noticed the rock was gone.

The only clue left behind was a couple of tire tracks.

Underwood said no one had permission to remove the rock from his land. When asked why somebody would want to take it, he replied: I don't know; I absolutely do not know."

Underwood called police to report the rock missing. Investigators said Tuesday they do not have any leads.

Anyone with any information about the missing rock is asked to call the Smithfield Police Department.

"I don't really feel like it has much value to anyone except me," Underwood said. "I'd like to have it back."


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