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Groups Join Forces To Stop Involuntary Annexation

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Annexations in our area have been the subject of heated debate -- and even protest. Groups that want to stop forced annexations are taking their cause to the General Assembly Tuesday.

Opponents say forced annexation laws need to be changed and they want legislators to hear their message loud and clear.

Late last year, hundreds of residents from Dutchman Downs and other neighborhoods won their fight against being annexed by the town of Cary. They organized in a group called



Now, another grassroots effort is hoping for a win by taking its fight to state lawmakers.


ties together community groups opposing forced annexation. Its 750 members aim to be one voice as they lobby the legislature to review involuntary annexation laws.

Members of Citizens for a Sound Economy are also participating. The rally runs through 3:00 p.m. in front of the legislative building.

Some residents near Fayetteville who oppose annexation will be participating in the rally. Their group has raised more than $19,000 to fight an annexation plan in court.

North Carolina is only one of seven states that allows for involuntary annexation of properties by municipalities.


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