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Former Raleigh Officer Pleads Guilty To Failing To Discharge Duties

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Jarod Reyes Court
RALEIGH, N.C. — A Raleigh police officer who shot a suspect as he drove away pleaded guilty in court Friday, but he still feels he did not do anything wrong.

Former Raleigh police Officer Jarod Reyes pleaded guilty Friday to willfully failing to discharge his duties. Reyes was accused of shooting James Davis when he tried to drive away in a stolen car on Alston Street in September.

Police said the shooting occurred after Davis repeatedly threatened Reyes and resisted arrest.

"He did what he thought was exactly right. He made a decision in a split second that he needed to use force and he did that," attorney Rick Gammon said. "As lawyers and judges, we sit back for months and months and months and look over that decision and scruntize it to determine whether or not, it is right or wrong."

After Reyes pleaded guilty, the judge ordered him to pay $400 in court costs and fines. Reyes was also stripped of his law enforcement certificate. However, he still wants to serve. He is joining the Army Reserves and will be sent to Kuwait sometime next week.

The Raleigh Police Department's deadly force policy forbids officers from firing at a moving vehicle unless threatened with deadly force. The Police Benevolent Association said that policy should be changed.


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