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Raleigh Departments Have Differing Views Over Mural

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Raleigh Mural
RALEIGH, N.C. — People who live in the Glenwood Brooklyn neighborhood want everyone to know about their treasure downtown. The neighborhood association wants a mural welcoming everyone to the neighborhood. The problem is two city departments have different views.

Raleigh's Community Services Department endorsed the mural and gave the neighborhood a $5,000 grant, but then another city department said putting the neighborhood name on top of the mural breaks the rules.

"If they do, it becomes a sign under the definition of a sign in the city's sign ordinance," said zoning enforcement administrator Larry Strickland said.

Officials said the sign would break the city ordinance because it would be too big.

"That is disappointing. I want to see this a success story. A great partnership with the city of Raleigh, thanks to the Community Services department and our neighborhood," neighbor Chris Ernst said.

The neighborhood is going ahead with the project without the title. Glenwood Brooklyn could ask the city for an exception to put the name on the mural, but resident Richard Averitt does not think that is fair. He thinks the city should create new rules for downtown.

"If we do it right, we can foster more creative development downtown than if we have these barriers that people are always going to have to battle against in any instance," Averitt said.

Members of the neighborhood association plan to take their concerns and ideas to the Raleigh City Council Tuesday.



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