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Harnett County Castle Offers Elegance Of European Living

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HARNETT COUNTY, N.C. — Imagine the ambience and elegance of an European castle. You might think you have to go to England or Ireland, but you can find that in Harnett County.

Barclay Villa

is located just outside Angier. The owners said some people cannot believe it is in a rural area.

"Well, people just can't believe this is in Harnett County," homeowner Teresa Langdon said.

"Oh, it's beautiful. We did this ourselves. Actually built it with our own two hands," homeowner Dee Langdon said.

Barclay Villa is a 10,000-square-foot palace that started out as a tiny two-bedroom house. It took two years for the Langdons to create their castle.

"You can't even tell that the house has been built onto," Teresa said.

"Well, you know you got to start somewhere," Dee said. "We sat down one night and started sketching it out on paper."

The idea of a castle came in a dream and the rooms are named after their families.

"We're very family-oriented people," Dee said.

"That's why we named all the rooms in the house after our grandparents," Teresa said.

Barclay Villa has become a place for people to get married -- a place where families begin.

"We hope we can bring a lot of people together with Barclay Villa because we do believe in family," Teresa said.

Dee and Teresa Langdon have lived in Harnett County their whole lives. Barclay Villa is built on the Langdon family's old tobacco field.