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Raleigh Man Threatened After Road Protest

Posted May 6, 2004 4:50 a.m. EDT

— A North Raleigh man has received threats after WRAL's story last week on a road protest.

Neighbors on Fox Road claim too many cars are going too fast. They said drivers cut through their neighborhood between Capital Boulevard and Highway 401. Sean Lewis brought the traffic trouble to WRAL's attention last week with his front-yard protest, urging drivers to stop speeding and stop cutting through.

Lewis said people continually honk and taunt him for trying to slow traffic. Someone stole some of his mail and threw the rest in his yard.

He said someone also wrote a threatening letter. Someone wrote, "Did you not see the strip of black asphalt outside when you bought the house? What makes you think your neighborhood is any different than anyone's else? Welcome to Raleigh. If you don't like traffic, you best start packing.'"

The writer also told Lewis to keep his kids and pets away from the road.

"It's kind of absurd for you to think everyone else is going to drive out of their way to accommodate you. I wonder how fast you drive through my neighborhood," the letter said.

Lewis said he feels threatened, so he contacted Raleigh police. He said it is clear some people want him to stop his traffic-calming effort.

Aside from the honks and the letter, Lewis said he has received a lot of support for his efforts to slow traffic down.