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Mother Of Garner Teen Puts Agony Of Losing Child Into Words

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GARNER, N.C. — Garner police are hoping a fresh set of eyes will help them solve the death of a teenager.

In January, Joshua Davis was killed as he walked in his neighborhood. Detectives do not know if the 16-year-old's death was intentional or an accident.

Police and the State Bureau of Investigation have exhausted most of their leads. An investigator not involved with the case will now review all the evidence to make sure nothing was overlooked.

It has been four months of agony for Joshua's mother. Judy Creech says without her fun-loving son, she is empty, sad and angry.

She has now

written about her grief

in the hopes someone who knows something will be sympathetic and come forward.

"I had to leave my child in the hands of somebody else, I am his mother, why couldn't I help him. I kissed my son goodbye at 6:45. By 7:05 he was dead," Creech wrote.

Who killed her son and why? Creech is pleading for answers.

At one time, the answers were found on Hall Boulevard at the site where Joshua was struck down.On Thursday, for the first time since Jan 6., Creech walked up the road from where she lives to the place her son died.

She has driven by it many times before.

"It's so painful, I can't look," she said.

With her sister-in-law by her side for support, Creech could not help but look back. These days, it is hard for her to look ahead.

"I wish I would have just held him in my arms, held him warm and soft instead of hard and cold in a casket," she wrote.

Sixteen years went by too fast and now one night seems to last forever. Now, what is supposed to be a special day. Sunday is Mothers Day.

"I'm supposed to celebrate with three children, not with two. I really want the day to get here and get over with," she said ofof Mother's Day.

Creech's new holiday routine is to spend time at the grave of her son.

Anyone with information about the case is urged to call Garner police at (919)772-8810 or the State Bureau of Investigation at (800) 334-3000.


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