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Fayetteville Grandmother Not In Tune With Recording Industry

Posted May 5, 2004 4:47 a.m. EDT

— People do it all the time -- download music from the Web instead of buying the CD. However, a Fayetteville grandmother could end up paying the price.

The recording industry is suing Barbara Johnson for downloading songs. She admits her grandson, Deron, used her Internet account to download more than 500 songs over the last two years.

"At first, I was very, very mad. I'm still mad. I'm upset," Johnson said.

"I heard it happened before," Deron said. "I saw it [happen] before to a lot of people. I didn't think, like, nothing could happen to me."

Now, the recording industry wants money. Johnson said lawyers demanded roughly $700 for each song, but they offered to settle out of court for $3,500.

"It's a lot of kids out here downloading music -- grown-ups too," Johnson said. "Some grown-ups even download movies, so why are they going to come after me?"

The recording industry has been after people like Johnson for months. So far, it has sued more than 2,000 people, but it has only settled 400 cases out of court.

Johnson will not let her grandson download songs off of the Internet anymore. As for the lawsuit, she refuses to pay any money. She is waiting for the recording industry to respond.