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Raleigh Working to Change Process for Vendor Permits

Posted December 13, 2006 11:17 p.m. EST

— Street vendors in downtown Raleigh say the city's plan to update its rules for private use of public spaces might not be enough to keep them in business.

With the revitalization of downtown, city leaders want to revamp the rules, which would require vendors to be at least 100 feet apart from one another. Under the current ordinance, as long as a vendor has a permit, he or she is allowed to conduct business on almost any part of a street.

City leaders have said they hoped changing the standards would speed up the permitting process. Many have described it as a lengthy and cumbersome process. They are still working on the proposal and are expected to vote on it early next year.

The city's inspection office says it receives an estimated 10 requests per month from vendors who want to see food, flowers and homemade goods on the streets.

Currently, there are 151 foot peddlers operating business on the streets of Raleigh.