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Soldier Accused Of Allegedly Abusing Iraqi Prisoners Sent To Fort Bragg

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Lynndie England
FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Army investigators are looking further into disturbing allegations of abuse at an Iraqi prison. They want to know whether some soldiers abused prisoners with light bulbs and furniture, threatened them with rape and forced them to perform sexual acts. One of those soldiers allegedly involved in the incident was sent to Fort Bragg.

Pvt. Lynndie England is seen in a picture smiling, smoking, and pointing at Iraqi prisoners wearing nothing but hoods over their heads. Many American soldiers are upset about the alleged actions of a few.

"You serve with a bunch of guys who are trying to protect the country and then you see something like this, and you're going, 'Why would you do this?'" Spc. Stephen Gregg said.

The Army moved England from the prison where the photos were taken to Fort Bragg.

Army officials said England is not being detained at Fort Bragg, but she is being held on what officials call "legal hold." Officials would not elaborate on what that means, but military experts tell WRAL that she probably has a desk job and restrictions on where she can go until the military's investigation into the incident is over.

Military officials are keeping a close eye on her. They will not say why they chose Bragg, but soldiers said they do not mind the international spotlight.

"We know someone has to do it, and it's going to be us. If nobody else, it's going to be us," Gregg said.

Some published reports provide more details on England herself, suggesting England became pregnant while deployed. The Army will not comment on those reports.


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