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Sectional Sofa Delivered With Multiple Problems

Posted May 4, 2004 3:13 a.m. EDT

— Buying new furniture can be exciting, but that excitement did not last long for a Wake County woman. So she called Five on Your Side's Monica Laliberte for help.

If you bought new furniture and it was delivered mismatched, broken and improperly constructed, you would expect it to be fixed or replaced.

Part of the sectional sofa Amy Fishel purchased did not match the rest of the sofa.

"There's no mistaking these are completely different colors and fabrics," she said.

Fishel noticed the problem the second she unwrapped the sectional sofa that cost $1,816. That is not the only problem.

"You can see the frame is broken and is coming through," she pointed out.

Fishel bought the sofa from Carolina Sofa in November.

"The way this is made, this piece does not fit flush up against the back. So if you were to sit here, you would sink down in there," Fishel explained.

Fishel says she immediately called Carolina Sofa. A few weeks later, a representative came out, took pictures and promised to get back in touch with her. When no one called her back, Fishel says she left repeated messages at the store.

"They didn't tell us anything. They didn't return the phone calls -- nothing," she said.

In late December, Fishel hired an attorney to write a letter demanding a refund. In January, Fishel says she left a message for Carolina Sofa President Jerry Helms.

Fishel says Helms left a return message promising to take care of the problem.

Fishel was elated.

"Finally, we are going to get satisfaction," she said.

She says no one returned her calls, so she called Five On Your Side saying she wanted her money back.

Five On Your Side called Carolina Sofa.

Helms claims Fishel did not return the company's repeated messages. He says the missing piece has been in his warehouse since December and says Fishel "refused" to accept it.

Fishel says that is not true. She claims the first time she heard Carolina Sofa had the missing piece was two weeks ago, when the company sent a letter asking what she wanted to do with the piece.

Fishel feels at this point, it is too late and just wants her money refunded.

Monday night, Fishel received her refund from Carolina Sofa.