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Man Accused Of Inappropriately Touching Children At Raleigh Pool

Posted May 4, 2004 5:13 a.m. EDT

— A man who calls himself a minister is facing serious charges.

Sunday, Raleigh police charged Kenneth Dixon, 39, with five counts of taking indecent liberties with children.

Police say the victims are girls, ages 8 to 13, and the crimes happened at the pool of the Pullen Park Aquatics Center in March and April.

Investigators said Dixon befriended children in a neighborhood and brought them to the pool, where the girls say the alleged crimes happened.

Two mothers of the victims, who wished to remain anonymous, said he played a game called "shark" in the pool.

"The shark game was when all of them stand in a circle and he would go under the water and grab them," one mother said.

"It's a child and he's a grown man, and I wanted to let the children know it wasn't their fault. They didn't do anything wrong," another mother said.

One of the girls told a parent, who called police.

"It's very serious. These charges generally deal with inappropriate touching of a minor -- indecent liberties, that is," said Sgt. Stacy Deans of the Raleigh Police Department.

Dixon was at Catherine Harris' house when he was arrested Sunday.

"I couldn't believe it. Mr. Dixon has always been a good man to me, to everyone I knew," she said.

Dixon's friends and family members said the charges are totally "out of character" for the man they know. He was also engaged to be married.

Police are investigating to see if there are any other victims. They say Dixon has no affiliation with a church, a nonprofit or any organization with the city of Raleigh.

Dixon is being held in the Wake County Jail on $100,000 bond.