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Quick Removal Law Has Impact On Secondary Crashes

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The state Highway Patrol says secondary collisions are happening less often and they are crediting a new state law.

"It's made a drastic impact on them," said Sgt. Steven Finney, collision investigation coordinator.


Quick Removal law

, which took effect in October, allows people involved in minor accidents to move their cars from the highway. The Highway Patrol says with traffic moving freely, secondary collisions are less likely to occur.

Officials are also putting more emphasis on removing accidents from the road when they arrive on scene.

In serious accidents, that cannot happen quickly.

Troopers say that is when other drivers are likely to get into trouble.

"Motorists driving above the posted speed limit, drivers being inattentive to what's going on and following too close," Finney said.

To prevent additional secondary accidents, the Highway Patrol is trying to use message boards on the interstate more aggressively to warn people of accidents ahead. They say secondary accidents often occur before emergency personnel even get to the scene of the first crash.


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