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Dental Device Helps Silence Snorers

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Does snoring keep you up all night? If so, the noise is probably coming from the person sleeping beside you.

A new device could help silence the snorer in your life.

Snoring is a big problem in many households. In fact, 80 million people snore.

"Really what that means is about 160 million Americans suffer, because, typically, the people who suffer most are the spouses," dentist Dr. Tarun Agarwal said.

John Briguglio's wife suffered through his snores for years.At his last dental checkup, Briguglio's dentist recommended a new device called Silent Night.

Agarwal takes two impressions of the mouth to create a mouthpiece. The device helps open the airway while those who wear it sleep.

"It actually holds the teeth, the bottom jaw into place," he said.

Silent night and other anti-snoring devices are for mild snorers, not for people with sleep apnea or other problems.

"If you have sleep apnea, if you wake up gasping for air, you do need to see your physician," Agarwal said.

So far, the device is working for Briguglio.

"I find that I sleep better than I normally do. I'm relaxed, and wake up more refreshed in the morning," he said. "My wife has noticed I don't snore at all anymore."

Twice as many men snore as do women.Weight can also be a factor. Experts say the heavier a person is, the more likely they are to snore.


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