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Warren County Schools Dress Code To Go Unchanged Following Complaint

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Warren County Middle School Sign
WARREN COUNTY, N.C. — No changes will be made to the dress code in the Warren County school system following a complaint by a middle school student.

A eighth-grader at Warren County Middle School complained that confederate flag emblems worn on clothing offended her.

Ray Spain, superintendent of Warren County schools, said the school system's dress code prohibits "offensive" clothing.

"That policy does not speak directly or specifically to the wearing of any particular item like the Confederate flag on shirts, sweaters and the like," he said.

Warren Middle School principal Danylu Hundley said none of the students are wearing the Confederate flag anymore. She said students stopped wearing the clothing out of respect for the student who complained.

School officials claim the Confederate flag is not a major school issue.

"Obviously, anything that draws attention away from our mission of educating the students is a distraction," Spain said.

An attorney for the school board said the dress code follows the law in that it has not caused a major disruption at school. The school board left the door open for adjustments to the dress code, possibly next year.

The Confederate flag was a big issue in Roxboro schools. Two dozen students

were suspended

last year for wearing the flag at school, which is against the dress code.


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