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Lemon Springs Residents Seek Tougher Drug Enforcement

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LEE COUNTY, N.C. — Residents of a small Lee County town say they have an oversized drug problem -- and they want to do something about it.

Citizens Against Drugs is a newly-formed group of about 200 people who want change in Lee County.

They met Thursday night in Lemon Springs to tell investigators, prosecutors and politicians about drug houses and the problems they cause.

Jimmy Fraley, who organized the community meeting, says there have been three drug-related murders in the town in the last 18 months.

"We even had a drug house with a drive-through window. I'm serious, a drive-through window," he said.

The group says current laws are too lenient.

"Ten years ago when somebody broke into somebody's house, we could give them 10 years. Now, the most we can give them is 30 months and only after they've done it over and over and over," Superior Court Judge Frank Lanier said.

Fraley hopes the group's efforts will force state lawmakers to toughen penalties and give judges stronger sentencing power.


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