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Cary To Consider Campaign For Smoke-Free Restaurants

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CARY, N.C. — A proposed smoke-free campaign is sparking debate at Cary restaurants and bars.

The Cary Town Council will vote later this week on a smoke-free incentive plan. By state law, the town cannot mandate a smoking ban.

The plan would encourage the town's 300 bars and restaurants to get rid of smoking sections.

Councilman Nels Roseland is pushing the plan that would reward smoke-free businesses by recognizing them on the town's Web site. The plan would not punish businesses which do not comply.

"Cities have a charge to protect the health and welfare of citizens, and to me, this fits very well with that charge," he said.

Roseland knows if his proposal passes it will not carry any enforcement power, but says it is a small step in the right direction.

"The objectives are cleaner indoor air and for Cary to be known as a town that appreciates cleaner environmental standards," he said.

Not everyone in town appreciates those standards.

"In certain facilities, I think it would be hard on business and I wouldn't frequent a restaurant that wouldn't let me smoke," smoker Franchelle Stevens said.

While some restaurants have already done so, others say they will not comply with the voluntary program if it is passed.


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