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Fox Confirmed As New UCSD Chancellor

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SAN DIEGO, CALIF. — Dr. Marye Anne Fox, chancellor at North Carolina State University, was confirmed as chancellor of the University of California at San Diego on Monday.

Dr. Robert C. Dynes, president of the University of California system, announced that the system's Board of Regents had approved Fox's appointment.

"Dr. Fox brings superb academic credentials, national prominence as a spokesperson on science and education policy issues, and a deep commitment to preserving the excellence of UCSD," Dynes said.

Fox, N.C. State's chancellor since Aug. 1, 1998, will assume leadership of one of the nation's most highly respected public research institutions in August.

"It has been a special privilege and honor to serve as chancellor during a key period of N.C. State's history," Fox said. "I step down now, proud of what faculty, staff and students have accomplished in six years and confident that the good work of colleagues and friends will continue."

At San Diego, Fox will oversee one of the nation's top-ranked public education and research institutions, with almost 25,000 students and a budget of $1.7 billion.

The UCSD campus is ranked 10th in the nation by the National Research Council for the quality of its faculty and graduate programs and seventh in the nation in National Academy of Sciences membership, with 62 faculty elected to the prestigious organization.

Fox leaves behind quite a legacy in her six-year tenure at NCSU.

The growth of the Centennial Campus is largely credited to her leadership. Growing from 19 buildings to 60, the campus is a national model.

Claude McKinney was the first director of the campus. He said NCSU could not have asked for a better advocate.

"I think it's because of the natural interest she has," McKinney said. "She's been very much a clear person who has wanted to use the Centennial Campus as a way to develop the university."

Fox, one of the world's top physical organic chemists, also is credited with increasing research funding at NCSU by more than $100 million in four years. Student financial aid jumped from $86 million the year she took over to $143 million last year.

In addition to her many achievements at NCSU, Fox also has had some humbling experiences.

After unexpected opposition, a new convention center, hotel and golf course is on hold.

Last year, Fox was censured by the Faculty Senate after she fired two administrators. The provost then quit in protest.

"She never expected that kind of outcry," Faculty Chairman Dennis Daley said.

Daley said Fox used the censure as a learning experience.

"She has made tremendous efforts to be much more in touch with the faculty," Daley said. "I meet with her twice as often as my predecessor did."

Here's another example of how NCSU changed in Fox's tenure: When she arrived on campus, the average SAT score for incoming freshmen was 1,154, and the average GPA was 3.69. Now, those numbers are up to 1,198 and 4.05, respectively.

Dr. James L. Oblinger, and executive vice chancellor, thanked Fox on behalf of the faculty, students and staff for her leadership andcommitment to the highest ideals of public education.

"During her tenure as chancellor at N.C. State, Marye Anne Fox achieved no less than a transformation of this university, using every one of her skills as an executive, a scientist and an educator to move our great land-grant university to national prominence," Oblinger said. "Our regret at her departure is tempered by our conviction that her vision will endure."